Security testing and resilience

September 29, 2022

New vulnerabilities are discovered everyday, which expose critical environments to attack and may compromise the integrity of sensitive data if not remediated. CyberOps utilise commercial and customised vulnerability assessment tools to conduct a range of testing to identify issues in application, systems and infrastructure for prioritised remediation. Our team then work closely with organisations to ensure remediation actions and changes are implemented.

Assessments include:
       Web application vulnerability scan
-        Network vulnerability infrastructure scans
-        Applications infrastructure application vulnerability scans
-        SCADA Vulnerability and Penetration –Testing of targeted operational SCADA network segments, systems or devices. Prioritise actions to improve Cyber Security of SCADA networks
·        Attack simulations to determine if existing protections are sufficient, including:
         -        Email Virus protection
         -        Malicious website content blocking
         -        File transfer (FTP, USB/HDD and file upload) data leakage
                Malicious traffic injection monitoring
        -        Malicious device connection detection
         ·        Physical controls (Alarm, RFID, Key) effectiveness

Network, application and system security

To assist organisations minimise security incidents occurring, operational environments can be hardened to be more resilient if an attack was to occurs. CyberOps assists organisations to review IT environments and recommends configuration changes to network devices, applications, systems and systems to drastically reduce exposure to risks.

This assists to reduce threats such as:
-        targeted cyber intrusions (e.g. executed by advanced persistent threats such as foreign intelligence services) and other external adversaries who are interested in stealing confidential data
       ransomware denying access to critical data for monetary gain, and external adversaries who delete data and prevent computers/networks from functioning
-        malicious insiders who steal sensitive data such as customer details or intellectual property
-       malicious insiders who destroy data and prevent computers/networks from functioning
-       business email compromise
-       threats to industrial control systems.