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Our capabilities and proven frameworks identify vulnerabilities in your business so you can understand and protect your assets - on earth, and in space.

CyberOps Cyber Security Specialists CyberOps Cyber Security Specialists CyberOps Cyber Security Specialists

CyberOps identifies and solves complex cyber security challenges

We are a team of highly experienced cyber security specialists who provide expert strategy and consulting services to prepare you for a secure future.

We deliver value from day one

Whether you’re launching new technology, developing capability or seeking a fresh set of eyes to improve the way your assets and resources are managed, we meet you where you’re at, and immediately deliver results for you to be security-confident with CyberOps.

Defence projects & readiness consulting

Security design & assessment

Space & ground solutions

Governance & business security advice

Our approach


We learn about your organisation's cyber vulnerabilities, business needs and strategic intent.


We understand the problem and articulate planned outcomes so there is a shared understanding of scope, driven by an alignment between mutual goals.


We apply security architecture concepts to explore possible remedies and finetune our recommendations to design for you a best-fit security solution.


We give life to the agreed solution and provide an ongoing roadmap for seamless business integration resulting in a superior security posture.

Our customers

CyberOps has successfully delivered outcomes for a wide range of customers from small to medium enterprises, ASX-listed companies to state and federal government, some of which are shared below.

Commonly asked questions

What types of consulting services do CyberOps provide?

CyberOps provides a full range of services to help you navigate your way through the growing raft of security, regulation and productivity challenges that businesses face today, and prepares you for a more secure future.

Governance, Risk & Business Advice
Services to bridge the gap between technical and executive domains.

Business Process & Architecture Consulting
Expert consulting services on IT architectures and business processes with a focus on secure solutions.

Security Design, Investigation, Review & Assessment
Technical security services, from reviewing existing processes and documentation, assessing the security of current environments, to the design of new secure IT systems.

Defence Readiness
A tailored program to assist SMEs and startups become part of the Defence supply chain securely.

Get in touch to learn more about our consulting services.

What is a security maturity assessment, and why is it important?

A security maturity assessment evaluates the capability of your organisation's cyber security program (consisting of people, processes, policies and technology) against a framework or benchmark to give a point-in-time view. By identifying vulnerabilities for prioritisation and remediation, information risk can be positioned as a competitive advantage. CyberOps has created a holistic framework that encompasses the relevant domestic and international standards. We guide you through the assessment, bookending the process with a tailored report, while ensuring all recommendations set you up for continued success.

What services does CyberOps offer in space?

CyberOps developed the Space Cyber Architecture (SCA) and Space Cyber Framework (SCF) which establishes common space industry security practices and standards. The SCA and SCF are currently used together to add a layer of cyber security in activities for defence, space and critical infrastructure domains. The SCA and SCF enables participants in the space ecosystem to assess its security practices against established standards, thereby strengthening cyber resilience and security posture.

CyberOps provides consulting services for businesses to become a secure supplier of product and services to the Australian space industry. We partner with the Australian government to evaluate supplier permits and assist clients with preparing the cyber aspects of supplier permits.

Read more about SCF here.

What products does CyberOps offer in space?

CyberOps has developed a Space Domain Awareness (SDA) solution, SpaceIQ, that tasks and manages a national network of passive radiofrequency (RF) sensors. SpaceIQ has been trialled in local and international SDA events, demonstrating the benefits of passive RF to mission system operators.

Read more about SpaceIQ here.

How do I prepare to meet my security regulatory and compliance requirements?

One of our key Capabilities is working with Defence and assisting organisations in their preparations for becoming a Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) member. To supplement the resources from Defence, CyberOps has developed a guided pathway for our clients to navigate the process to apply for, and maintain, DISP memberships.

Meeting cyber security regulatory and compliance requirements can be broad and technically complex. We unpack the interrelated pieces to guide you towards making decisions that manage risks and achieve objectives. Read more about how CyberOps can help you with regulatory compliance and preparation.

As active participants in the space ecosystem, we're familiar with the challenges. We combine our experience as a Space Domain Awareness provider and developers of the Space Cyber Framework (SCF) to provide advice about local and international regulation and controls and help you with your responsibilities.

We're also proficient across security regulatory and compliance requirements in many other industries, including agriculture, transport, health and more. Talk to us to find out how we can help you.

How can we be sure that our confidential information is being protected?

We wholeheartedly appreciate protecting privacy- it's a paramount part of our job. When you entrust your information to us, we treat it as our own. CyberOps ensures client information is protected from unauthorised access, loss, misuse, disclosure or alteration through internal standards of professional behaviour, security procedures and technology. Contact us to see our Information Confidentiality Policy.


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CyberOps offers a full range of specialist products and services in Defence, Space and Cyber Security to help clients navigate growing security, regulatory and productivity challenges, preparing them for a secure future.

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